Like Rain, they fell

Like Rain

thats what my tears felt like

constantly falling,

as each drop fell

i slowly lost hope

hope of a whole heart,

hope of a better life

i felt broken

like a ceramic doll

that fell to the floor crashing

going, going, going… gone

shattering all hopes, dreams

with a snap of a finger things changed

this time for the worse

but i have to keep going,

no matter how rainy it gets

i’ll just bring an umbrella.




With no hand to grasp for help

I don’t get it,

Perfect people don’t exist

So why do we expect it?

No one is perfect

Not the person sitting in front of me

Nor the person next to me

I feel like i’m drowning

Drowning in expectations

And drowning in insecurities

Drowning, Drowning, Drowning


My teacher told me to write a Haiku about the number three, I thought it was pretty dumb, so I made my complaints toward the poem into a Haiku.

This poem is dumb

Writing about three is dumb

What are we doing

I don’t like Haiku

Three is a weird odd number

What even is three?

Three is really weird

Three is hard to write about

I do not like three

Away I Go

Away I go

Back home

Catapulting across the water

Distracted by the beauty

Everything I love is in this moment

Finally the wind builds up

Going at least 15 knots

Helping me glide along

In no rush

Just me and my boat

Keeping up the pace

Letting myself run free

My life feels perfect

No one could mess up this moment

Open water with me gliding across

Pictures couldn’t capture it

Quiet surrounds me

Relaxing in my boat

So far from home

This I will miss

Until next time

Vicariously riding

Waiting for the sun to set

Xerothermic is what some people would be

You can watch me from shore

Zipping across the water


I stood in the silence of the night

With my silent thoughts

I was numb

I couldn’t feel anything except fear,

Fear of the silent night

Fear of my silent thoughts

This is what made me numb

The fear

So I stayed silent

In the darkness of the numbing night

To ensure that the silence was not broken

My thoughts turning to nothing

As if fading into dust

As I stood in the silence of the night