My Favorite Nights

100 Words (style)

These are my favorite nights, when I can sit by the crackling fireplace and drink a nice cup of hot tea. My soft blankets draped over me so lightly as I hear the sound of soothing music in the background. When I look out the window, I see the cold , fluffy snowflakes falling from the dark sky freely, covering the wet ground and the soaring trees. The strong smell of smoke from the fire fills the room like a candle, creating the feeling that I missed so much. The sounds from all around me captivate me, this beautiful moment is one of those that you cherish forever. Even though it is dark outside, you can see the glimmer of lights  that are draped across roofs, bushes and the grass. Through the small opening of the window, wind comes through making the sound of a whistle. I can feel the chill on my arms. It is freezing outside. `The light wind causes the fire to flicker, making the entire room light and then dark. The warm room has a  gentle, homely feeling. I love cold nights like this .Oh the sweet feeling of Christmas makes my heart swell. I can’t even remember how many Christmas’ I spent here as a kid. Many happy years we spent here in this big house eating grandmas delicious Christmas cookies on Christmas morning. The whole house smelled like vanilla and sweet chocolate. She baked them early morning .They were fresh, warm and they melted in our mouth. I have never could duplicate her wonderful recipe . Maybe because they always tasted better when she was around. I loved when there were so many of us Christmas morning. But now it is just me, the cats and the sweet memories.


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